Josephine Skriver for DL1961 Premium Denim Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign.


What is fashion? I don’t know. But I do know that fashion is not about picking the right nail polish color. It is way more than just patterns, colors and fabrics. It is a universal language. It influences everyone and we are all affected by it in our everyday lives. It gives people security, but it also creates prejudice. It is probably one of the most used tools in the world. It even allows you to be someone, who you really aren’t. Fashion is extremely powerful. Don’t underestimate it.  

Marloes Horst by David Slijper for Bazaar UK 2014

Stay aware

I recently attended a workshop on the big environmental crisis that we are currently dealing with. We were told about all kinds of horrible things, like the fact that about every third second a child is starving somewhere in the world. What does that have to do with fashion? Well, I remember sitting there, constantly thinking about how billions of dollars are spent on skirts, shoes, pants and all the other stuff nobody really needs and at the same time, people out there don’t even have enough to eat. Now that you are reading this, you might want to start acting and make a change, however, the sad thing is that in a few hours you won’t even care anymore. It’s what happens with every one of us. To be honest, I don’t even know what the point of this little text is. I’m sorry if I just wasted a few minutes of your life, however I want one thing to be said: In order to solve problems, they have to be faced. Stay aware and act responsibly. I’ll try to do so as well.    

Miranda Kerr for Elle Spain by Xavi Gordo
Marloes Horst - Harper’s Bazaar Australia April 2012 
Zuri Tibby by Marcus Ohlsson for ELLE UK, May 2014

Anonymous asked: "Your blog is so inspiring! Is there a seperate blog that you are using, where you write texts and reviews? Would be lovely XX :)"

Thank you so much! Unfortunately there isn’t a separate one yet, however I will definitely consider creating one! Have a nice day! xx